Garden Safety Tips & Advice from Experts…

Gardening is a fruitful and relaxing pastime enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. But over half a million accidents occur outdoors at home each year. Without inducing panic or hysteria, SafeGardening’s team of experts goes through the different areas that can cause concern and offers practical advice to keep everyone safe.

Composting: Safety Guidelines

February 14, 2012|0 Comments

Composting is gaining favour as waste management increasingly becomes an issue. As financial and ecological considerations take hold in the UK we are rediscovering ways of embracing the cycle of life. Composting and safety It's not hard to see the [...]

A Bizarre Secateurs Accident

November 3, 2011|0 Comments

A horrifying gardening accident made the news in the summer of 2011 when an American gardener slipped and pushed a pair of secateurs through his eye socket and into his skull. Remarkably, surgeons were able to extract the gardening tool [...]

Electricity and Garden Safety

September 23, 2011|0 Comments

Electricity has become such a necessity in our everyday lives that we sometimes forget how dangerous it can be. Data collated by the Electrical Safety Council from the World Health Organisation (WHO), local government in the UK and the Health [...]

Sun Safety: Choosing Hats and Sunglasses

February 28, 2011|0 Comments

We are all more and more aware of the dangers posed by over-exposure to the sun. Hats and sunglasses can protect you from the major problems, damage to the eyes and heatstroke from literally over-heating. Sunhat Choices If you're really [...]

Sail Shades for Contemporary Sun Protection

February 23, 2011|0 Comments

Protection from the sun makes a garden more accommodating in the height of summer as well as being safer. Over exposure to the sun is responsible for well-documented problems with skin cancer, not to mention the not-so-flattering leathery skin look. [...]

Garden Safety in the Snow

February 22, 2011|0 Comments

A snow covered garden looks enchanting but that blanket of white can hide a multitude of dangers below. In recent years we’ve had a number of cold snaps that have seen parts of the UK reduced to a standstill for [...]

Cleaning Decking Safely

February 10, 2011|0 Comments

Decking needs cleaning regularly throughout the year to prevent moss and algae building up and making it slippery. The secondary aspect of cleaning decking is the safety of the cleaning products you use, both for you and the environment. Some [...]

Care With Toys in the Garden

August 24, 2010|0 Comments

Children love to play in the garden, when the British weather gives them the option, and safety is of paramount importance. But how can you go about removing real risks while not getting in the way of their sense of [...]

Retractable Shades and Canopies

August 22, 2010|0 Comments

Although the sun is a source of energy the dangers of over-exposure are well documented. In another article in this section we talked about these dangers and how to enjoy your garden but keep in the shade, with various lightweight [...]

Safe Decking

August 18, 2010|0 Comments

Decking has taken the country by storm over the last decade or so. It's a low maintenance alternative to lawns and plants and looks good in the right situations. But it can be a tricky surface for those who are [...]