SafeGardening was formed to offer a unique reference point on keeping safe when gardening.

Gardening is a fruitful and relaxing pastime enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. It’s great exercise and the vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers being tended are all part of keeping the country green and good looking.

But there are dangers in the garden too. Over half a million accidents occur at outdoors at home each year and although many of those will be related to DIY work, gardening accounts for the rest.

There are numerous sources of physical danger such as sharp tools, muscular injuries and strains, and falls from stepladders. Many chemicals used in the garden can be dangerous if handled incorrectly and bonfires and ponds need to be guarded carefully. Then there are the risks posed by nature itself. Many plants, insects and animals can sting, bite or carry disease.

Without inducing panic or hysteria, SafeGardening’s team of experts goes through the different areas that can cause concern and offers practical advice to keep everyone safe. SafeGardening will prove an invaluable resource to assess risk and take sensible precautions so that you can enjoy your garden even more.