Composting: Safety Guidelines

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Composting is gaining favour as waste management increasingly becomes an issue. As financial and ecological considerations take hold in the UK we are rediscovering ways of embracing the cycle of life. Composting and safety It's not hard to see the benefits of composting – all your vegetable cooking waste and [...]

How to Strip a Lawn in One Easy Lesson: Case Study

By |2021-05-24T14:18:31+00:00August 24, 2010|Case Studies|

This case study warns of a few perils that we haven't actually covered in articles on this site yet, probably because they are so bizarre. Safety Second, or Even Third! Who would have thought that removing a tree stump could be so dangerous, being launched across a garden? And a [...]

Don’t Underestimate Bonfires: Case Study

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Time and time again you hear the warnings about bonfires and how dangerous they can be, particularly around bonfire night. But this isn’t a story about Guy Fawkes Night. No, it's a story about a common or garden bonfire that just wouldn't lie down and die. And it's a salutary [...]

Safe Gardening With Children: Interview With a Brownie Leader

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Getting children involved with gardening at an early stage can be very rewarding and this is not lost on activity groups like Cubs and Brownies. They do, of course, have to be very sensitive to the safety of the children in their charge though. This is usually applied to background [...]

Danger of Tree Climbing to Collect Fruit: A Case Study

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Recent stories in the news of a girl who died falling from a tree have highlighted the dangers involved in the traditional children’s pastime of climbing trees. Without wanting to wrap children in cotton wool it does make sense to assess the dangers as serious injuries can be sustained by [...]

Can Neighbour Spray Weedkiller Into My Garden?

By |2021-05-24T14:18:33+00:00July 10, 2009|Case Studies|

Well, you're right, your neighbour has no right to spray weedkiller into your garden. There are few laws that specifically control this kind of behaviour so you have to fall back on the property based legal framework, as the garden is as much a part of your property as your [...]

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