Equipment and Tools to Help Plant Out

Planting out is a job that needs to be made as easy as possible. When it’s time to plant out all the new seedlings that you’ve nurtured, either in the garden or allotment, you need the proper tools for the job.

Help Getting to Ground Level

To take the strain off your back and save your knees there are a wide range of kneeler stools on the market. The best versions are those which have a stable base and will not move about as you work, some of which those which can be used as a stool or a kneeler. Stools with handles and a padded mat to kneel on are particularly good.

Using the Right Garden Tools

Normal spades and forks are heavy and cumbersome, so make sure you get tools in lightweight steel with plastic handles. They are just as strong as ordinary garden tools but are easier to wield.

Invest in long reach tools to limit the amount of bending down you have to do. There are trowels, forks, cultivators and hoes all designed to be used from a sitting or standing position. They come in lightweight steel and you can choose to use an arm support cuff to help with control and weight distribution. With longer handles you will be able to do much more from one spot and you’ll get less tired.

Specialist Smaller Tools and Watering Cans

Smaller tools are also available in lighter designs. They have soft grip handles at right angles to the tool head, which reduces strain and gives you a firmer hold. The arm support is recommended to make the tool more comfortable and give you more support. These trowels, forks and cultivators are useful for close work in conjunction with a kneeler stool.

To make holes for seedlings you can use a bulb planter, a nifty little device which extracts a plug of soil when you push it into your garden. Simply squeeze the handle and you get a 100mm deep hole perfect for your bulbs and plants. This tool is an ideal replacement for a trowel.

Even the humble watering can has had a makeover. You can now get small, light watering cans with a push button to help control the flow of water. Its long, narrow spout is perfect for reaching into pots, prickly plants and delicate flowers. You can use one to distribute pesticides as well.

Specialist Clothing to Help Gardening

Traditional gardening gloves are thick and heavy and if you find delicate gardening tasks difficult without them, it becomes more difficult doing fiddly tasks that need good control. When you are sowing seeds and planting out small plants and flowers, wear get gloves of thin, light material.

They allow you to take full advantage of the manual dexterity you have and are tough enough so they won’t rip. If you’re dealing with very thorny plants, however, it’s better to stick to the old type of glove.

Planning Helps Too

Be organised and take everything you need with you so you don’t have to make trips back and forth to the garden shed. A tool belt might be a good idea to prevent you bending down to retrieve what you need. You’ll have all your small tools to hand and there’s no risk of misplacing them and having to search around.

Planting out need no longer be a daunting task. There are plenty of specially designed tools to take the burden and make your gardening enjoyable again.