Espalier Training for Fruit Trees

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Espalier is the art of training trees, usually fruit trees, in two-dimensional forms, often against a wall. This can be seen in older kitchen gardens in the United Kingdom, particularly those attached to country manor houses, although it is a form that has been in and out of fashion since [...]

Prepare and Store Home Grown Fruit and Vegetables

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There is no specific time of the year when you should begin harvesting your produce as fruit and vegetables become ripe and ready to harvest at different times of the year. Climate, variety and the particular season are other factors that have an impact but you should always remember that [...]

Which Wild Plants are Safe to Consume?

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This is never an easy question to answer unless you know your wild plant book from back to front, inside and out and can identify every plant within it. The most crucial factor in using plants for food is to avoid accidental poisoning. The general rule is if you can't [...]

Cooking and Eating Your Produce

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Nothing tastes better than fresh produce and what better way to have fruit, vegetables and herbs readily available than by growing them yourself. A kitchen garden not only gives you fresh produce but it also makes your garden look and smell more interesting. You can simply start off by growing [...]

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