Sail Shades for Contemporary Sun Protection

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Protection from the sun makes a garden more accommodating in the height of summer as well as being safer. Over exposure to the sun is responsible for well-documented problems with skin cancer, not to mention the not-so-flattering leathery skin look. Conventional Options for Garden Shade In other articles on this [...]

Cleaning Decking Safely

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Decking needs cleaning regularly throughout the year to prevent moss and algae building up and making it slippery. The secondary aspect of cleaning decking is the safety of the cleaning products you use, both for you and the environment. Some sources for example, recommend hydrogen peroxide (bleach to you and [...]

Retractable Shades and Canopies

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Although the sun is a source of energy the dangers of over-exposure are well documented. In another article in this section we talked about these dangers and how to enjoy your garden but keep in the shade, with various lightweight and portable solutions. In this article we'll look at more [...]

Portable Shade for Protection from the Sun

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Britons are finally waking up to the dangers of excessive sunbathing but still many more people die of skin cancer in this country than in hotter countries, Australia for example. This is possibly because awareness of skin cancer is higher and early diagnosis more prevalent because of the experience there. [...]

Safe Ways to Heat Your Patio

By |2021-05-24T14:18:32+00:00July 30, 2009|Garden Environment|

Gas heaters for patios were not really seen in the United Kingdom until about ten to fifteen years ago, when they began to appear in commercial situations, outside cafés, pubs and restaurants. Similar models, again using liquid petroleum gas (LPG), very quickly began to appear on the domestic market as [...]

Gardening Tips For The Disabled

By |2021-05-24T14:18:35+00:00July 23, 2008|Garden Environment|

Whether you’re an elderly person who has enjoyed gardening all of your life but have now found that it’s become a bit of a struggle physically or you’re a younger person who has always had some kind of disability – it doesn’t necessarily mean that gardening should be off limits. [...]

Gardening Crop Rotation: Safety Benefits

By |2021-05-24T14:18:35+00:00April 13, 2008|Garden Environment|

Although most of us are familiar with crop rotation when it comes to farming, keen and knowledgeable gardeners will also understand the safety benefits of crop rotation even within a garden setting. At its most basic level, it’s not too difficult to achieve and can also make gardening even more [...]

Advice For Maintaining and Using Compost

By |2021-05-24T14:18:37+00:00January 3, 2007|Garden Environment|

A previous article on composting in this series has highlighted the types of materials which are suitable to use in the construction of a compost heap. Once you've gathered enough material it's then really just a simple matter of maintaining it. This is really about keeping it at the right [...]

How To Safely Dispose of Garden Refuse

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With increasing concerns about mankind’s effects on the planet we should all try to do our bit to reduce the amount of refuse we cannot recycle, even in the garden. Fortunately, most councils are encouraging us to address these issues and, over the past couple of years, the majority of [...]

The Impact Weather Conditions Have on Gardening

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Weather and climate both have a profound effect on gardening, especially so in the UK where the weather can be unpredictable. The most important periods of the year occur during the growing season (between spring and autumn) are sunlight, rainfall, temperature, wind, and frost all play a role in determining [...]

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