Garden StorageStoring tools safely not only extends their life but also additionally ensures nasty accidents are avoided.

When selecting your garden storage area, be it a shed, garage or storage cupboard; always ensure it has adequate room for not only tools and equipment, but also for you to move around freely. Having to climb over things to get what you need puts you in a hazardous position.

Don’t Let Your Tools Trip You up.

Never leave anything lying on the floor of your storage area, always ensure all access ways are free from objects that may trip you up. A nasty fall onto a sharp garden utensil can have fatal consequences. Always keep the area clean, tidy, and serviceable.

Never leave garden tools scattered on the ground, even when being used out in the garden. One of the greatest causes of injury are rakes left lying around with their tines facing upward. A moments distraction and you could find a rake handle slamming into your face with sufficient force to cause severe injury. Comical as this may sound, this is a common garden injury that is definitely no laughing matter.

These Are Tools Not Toys.

Never allow children to play in your storage area. This area contains tools not toys. It is very easy for a child to injure themselves or someone else while trying to use your tools as part of their fun.

Ensure your garden storage area is lockable. This will not only reduce the possibility of theft, it will additionally stop children having access to hazardous tools, sprays, and equipment.

If you have children around your home objects like knives, edging shears and Secateurs are best stored in a locked cabinet or drawer where they are safely out of harms way.

Garden sprays and spraying utensils should also be out of reach and secured safely away, preferably in a cabinet with some type of locking mechanism.

Having Things Hanging Around.

In your storage area hang all tools up out of harms way on a wall that is away from traffic. If you constantly pass by them, it is easy to knock a tool off and be injured by its fall.

If you are putting nails into the wall to hold your tools be sure to drive it into a stud so it is secure, and able to hold the weight of the tool without risk of the nail coming out and the tool falling and causing damage or injury.

If you install any shelving, make sure the shelves are properly anchored to the wall. Having a shelf full of gardening equipment fall on you due to insufficient anchoring will definitely spoil your days gardening.

Once you have something up to hang your tools on, always ensure the sharp edges face into the wall. This not only protects the tools cutting edge, it furthermore ensures you don’t inadvertently cut yourself on it as you pass by.

Another means of storing tools with cutting edges, such as spades, hoes and shovels, is to half fill a large barrel with oiled sand. Plunge the sharp part of the tool into this in an upright position. This not only keeps the sharp edge from being a danger but also cleans and protects the tool at the same time.

Everything in Its Place and a Place For Everything.

Try to label where your tools hang. If you do this any tool that is not where it is supposed to be will easily show up and can be located and returned to where it belongs. It additionally makes it easier to locate, as you will know precisely which tool you are looking for.

When storing your tools, after a days work, rub any wooden handles with a cloth that has a little linseed oil on it. This not only keeps the handles in good condition, it also stops you getting blisters when using the tool in the future.

Your storage area should also include a bench and implements for cleaning and sharpening your gardening equipment. It makes it easier rather than having to cart them somewhere else to do this. If all the equipment is there, you will be more inclined to clean and sharpen your tools after a days gardening.

A sharp tool if it should injure you actually does less harm than a blunt one.

If correctly set out your storage area can make gardening so much easier. Your tools in a proper place and right where they should be when you need them, your safety ensured by following a few simple commonsense pointers and your enthusiasm bursting to get out and create.