Overview of Hose and Watering Safety ProductsHere we look at some great hose and watering products that won’t put you at risk of trips or strains in the garden:

Curly Hoses

One innovation on the market at the moment is a curly hose, a bit like a massive coiled telephone handset cable. This can be drawn out to where it is required and will coil up again when you take it back to the tap at the end so the coils aren’t left out to trip people up. The disadvantage of this sort of hose is that people who no longer have the strength they used to might find it difficult to pull against the resistance of the coil when dragging the hose across the garden.

Automatic Hose Reels

Another handy product is an automatic hose reel. Again you manually pull the hose out but there is a latch which keeps the hose at the required length. This means there isn’t the resistance experienced with the curly hose once you have reached the desired length.

When you’re done a touch of a switch will retract the hose into the reel. This is wall-mounted at hand height, another boon for those who have difficulty bending or a weak grip. The hose is a round section one, not a flat hose that stores in a compressed form, so it can be used at any length, rather than being unreeled to its full extent before water can be sent through it.

Hose Lances

At the business end of a hose, specialist attachments can help reach the parts that hoses alone can’t reach without the dangers associated with over-stretching. Lances are lightweight hollow poles which attach to the end of the hose and can have standard hose attachments added to the other end. So you can use an ordinary rose on the end of a lance and reach up to spray tall vegetables like beans and peas, or attach a curved rose that points down for hanging baskets. Or you can use them to reach over to spray the back of a bed without have to bend over.

Some watering lances have the ends permanently attached which might be easier for those who do not have such a strong grip. Some also have on-off switches which stop you having to have to walk back to the tap every time you need to stop or start watering.

Watering Cans

For those people who are gardening on a smaller scale there are a few neat innovations with watering cans that can help avoid accidents in the garden. Small cans are widely available but look for flat sides, so that they can be held close to the body for better balance. Cans with two handles, one on top and one at the back, allow people to hold them with two hands while pouring.

Another useful watering can, but one that you may have to order online or by phone, has a push button that controls the flow of the water. This extra element of control is very handy for those who have difficulty controlling an ordinary watering can and they save water into the bargain. They also have a sliding cover that closes the filling hole to avoid spillage when tipping a full can.

Take a Look Around

So if you are concerned about safety while watering the garden, take a good look at some of the new products on the market today. They may be able to help you continue doing a hobby you love for longer than you thought possible.