Protecting Ponds and Water Features from Freezing Weather

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Ponds and fountains can be attractive and relaxing elements of your garden design, but the long winter months can present problems for water feature owners. A little time spent preparing for bad weather will keep your garden safe and ready to enjoy when spring arrives. Keep Safe from Frost Winter [...]

Pool and Pond Safety: Flotation Devices and Alarms

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We've covered pool fencing and pool covers in an earlier article, so here we're taking a look at more safety devices that can help families, children in particular, to enjoy domestic pools in safety. These devices divide into two broad categories, flotation devices to support those who fall in a [...]

Safe Water Collection Around Children and the Elderly

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As climate change forces wider extremes of weather on the United Kingdom, gardeners are increasingly saving water in butts and tanks to use in times of drought. This is all well and good but water storage is rife with dangers, especially for those who might not be aware of the [...]

Common Pond Pests and How to Deal With Them

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Garden ponds make an attractive addition to any garden and, for the most part, providing the pond has been designed and situated correctly and you keep on top of the maintenance of your pond in terms of cleaning it out, skimming the surface for rotting leaves and vegetation, for example, [...]

Tips For Designing a Safe Water Feature

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If you are considering a water feature for your garden, it's important to make safety a top priority, especially if you have young children. Anyone can stumble or fall into a water feature, with young children being particularly vulnerable. Types of Water Feature The term 'water feature' encompasses a whole [...]

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